Maternity Reflexology and Fertility 

Is Specifically aimed at women for fertility issues, pre-conception, during labour, and the post natal period. During pregnancy the body goes through so many changes physiological, emotional and hormonal changes, and Reflexology may help to alleviate these changes and symptoms, by re-balancing the bodies natural equilibrium.


Before conception the advantages of having reflexology treatments for couples who would like to conceive, is that the reflexologist addresses the whole person, and not just the isolated fertility issues, many factors are taken into consideration, documented, and monitered including hormones, and stress levels,and how they may be reduced, lifestyle and general health of both partners during treatment, and so it is always suggested that the father to be has a treatment too for maximum benefit.


Reflexology is a wonderful therapy during pregnancy,as not only does the mother to be benefit, the baby too.

Benefits of Reflexology treatments in Pregnancy may:
  • Induce relaxation
  • Reduce High Blood blood pressure
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Relieve backache,
  • May relieve nausea
  • Help relieve constipation
  • Relieve sciatica
  • Relieve joint and ligament pain
  • Relieve indigestion
  • Relieve Oedema feet and ankles
  • Assist with Sleep problems
  • Relieve back Pain
  • Help in preparing for Labour
  • Help with Cystitis
  • Relieve Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction symptoms
Reflexology is considered safe and effective during pregnancy. However, it would be contra-indicated and not be recommended, if there is a history of placenta previa, premature labour, severe hypertension, or recent vaginal bleeding.


Research has shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy are more likely to have a shorter labour and require less pain relief. Other benefits include:
Induction of labour
Pain relief
Regulation of contractions
Preventing a retained placenta

A study at the Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen revealed that reflexology is beneficial to women during the labour of childbirth. 58 out of 60 women giving birth experienced "outstanding pain relief using reflexology treatment", and 11 out of 14 women were able to avoid surgery under general anaesthesia. Dr Carsten Lenstrup was so impressed by the results that he said: "Taken as a whole, the results are so good that am not in any doubt that reflexology can give many women a better, easier and less painful delivery than they would have had otherwise." (2)

The findings of the Gentofte study were supported by a further study carried out by Dr Gowri Motva at the Jeyrani Birth Centre on the effects of reflexology on pregnant women. 37 pregnant women completed a course of 10 reflexology treatments with remarkable effect. The average length of the first stage of labour was 5 hours whereas the text book average is 16 - 24 hours; the second stage of labour lasted an average of 16 minutes compared to the text book expectancy of 1 - 2 hours, and only 5.4% of the women who had reflexology treatment required emergency caesarian section compared to an average of 13% in Newham district which was the district where the study was conducted.(2)


Reflexology may help to alleviate postnatal problems and help in many areas assisting with:

Engorged breasts
Stress and anxiety
Post Natal Depression
Inadequate Lactation
Increasing energy
Back Pain
Water Retention