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The Biology of stress

When it comes to stress The hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal link is the most important axis in the body, this is the junction where the brain chemistry, or neurotransmitters interact directly with the endocrine tissue to produce heightened reaction throughout the body, it is the point where brain activity meets hormones and can result in dramatic effects.

Hans Selye and endocrinologist who undertook much the early work on stress defined the three stages of stress.
Alarm reaction- body shows changes characteristic of the first exposure to a stressor
Stage of resistance- resistance follows if exposure to the stressor is compatible with adaption.
Stage of exhaustion- following long term exposure to the same stressor to which the body has become adjusted,eventually adaptive energy is exhausted.

During the second stage the stressor has been present long enogh to become ingrained physiologically there is a change in function.

This results in changes in the function and structure of the body. He found the stress itself does not cause problems but that continuous stress does, as the body has only so much adaptive energy when it is depleted, this finally results in exhaustion.

This is further complicated by the type A/ type B personality separation. Type A's are seen to be the go getting aggressive type of people, while the type B's are the more laid back and relaxed. Type A personalities live on distress and to to help their health and need to turn distress into eustress( a term coined by Hans) the positive cognitive response to stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings.

Stop and think which type of personality are you? How breathing correctly can really help you to de-stress.

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