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Hello my fellow seekers of Health :)

I love to talk about health lifestyle, . At this time of the year as so many of us are now feeling the pinch in many ways and not just our pockets, with extra weight we may have gained over the winter months or for whatever reason,

With the holiday season has just begun, the winter blues have well and truly gone, and in some cases the cold dreary weather has kept us snuggled and cosy doing little else in the cold winter evenings than doubling up on the hot chocolates, and all the warm comforts of home cooking or the culinary delights of fast food as our busy lifestyle dictates.

Then most of us just grab a quick breakfast on the go with no real nutritional value, or a coffee as we shuffle briskly on our way with the day ahead, barely eating a lunch or a sandwich full of whatever it may be ,and still feeling hungry we go on through the day dipping in and out of the snacks, but not really nourishing ourselves with the right measure of carbs proteins and fats………….and then what happens?.We just feel awful physically mentally and emotionally from the inside out.

Then what do we do?……

Decide we need to diet, lose weight, get fit, etc before spring summer, and so here we are its upon us again and we……

Check out the latest diet fad?
Follow the famous Celebrity diet? ( As they look so cool in the magazines, and it must work because they look so fabulous )
We cut out certain foods?
We cut out fats?
We cut out carbs?
We cut out meals?
We make ourselves miserable trying to lose weight in all the wrong ways, depriving our bodies of real nourishment, and a pathway to optimum health.

Do they work? Well, here's the thing they will work to an extent while you are on them until you stop and return to the normal eating, and then what happens?

The body is so deprived that you put all, if any weight you lost, back on and you are right back where you started, and the cycle starts all over again. Is this really good for your Health? Most of us Yo-yo diet all our lives to no real effect except to damage our bodies in the long term, and create stress and poor health.

So do diets work in the long term? The answer is NO.

The reason being that most of these so called diets, don't work (and yes we have all done them at one time or another)
is because they deprive us of many things that we need to maintain, and sustain a healthy eating plan, and optimum health for life………and one big factor in all of this is healthy blood sugar levels

Tune in to my next blog where i will explain how and why balanced blood sugar is so important in your daily healthy eating, and maintenance of weight and health, now and in the future.

Thank you for dropping by…..

Yours in Health with Love and Gratitude
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Libbie x

Summer has Arrived!

Why is Blood Sugar Balance so Important?

Lets talk about high Glycemic foods that spike our blood sugar ( i will explain exactly what i mean……. High Glycemic foods spike your blood sugar, and Low Glycemic foods keep your blood sugar rolling nicely throughout the day………meaning the more low glycemic your diet is, the less likely you will be to have high cravings, and low, moods, and erratic, eating habits, you will stabilise your blood sugar throughout the day, and feel fuller for longer, healthier, with vibrant energy who does not want that?…… is a lifestyle not a diet.

Understanding the Glycemic index?……. Where the food you eat is measured by how quickly it raises your blood sugar, or stabilises it.

High GI foods =70+
Med GI foods = 56-69
Low Gi foods = 55 or below

Did you know that eating Bread, Rice, Cereals. Potatoes spike your blood sugar faster than if you were eating table sugar?
Your brain and your body work off of Glucose, so we do need some sugar in our diet.

80/90% of the carbohydrates adults and children are consuming, are high Glycemic. carbs are not bad we need them, and if we remove them. it would be the worst thing we can do for our body but its the kind of carbs we eat and the amount.

The body will be in a state of emergency if the blood sugar is too high and too low both states are equally as harmful to the brain/body.

Too low and the body becomes weak, shaky, emotional,mental fog sets in, and the voice inside says……GET ME FOOD!…so we go get the snack to bring the blood sugar back up again and then an hour or so later it drops and we repeat the cycle, and we do this at least 5 times a day in average, and as adults we wonder why we do not lose the weight as we used to and gain the extra pounds each year around the middle and can't get it off no matter what diet we try the weight comes back on again. Can you imagine how hard the insulin hormone has had to work all of those years through all the highs and lows…………… is no wonder its had enough by the time your in your adult years.

This is why diets don't work.

Short term solutions for a long term problem. ( diets don't work)
Balance not deprivation or removing whole food groups. (including not telling the woman who loves chocolate to never eat it again)
Lifestyle. (quick fixes just don't work)

So if you would like to read how to get better with age and not buy into the belief that we lose energy, fitness, vibrancy, and gain weight the older we get, and you would also like to know what lifestyle and foods will help you feel your absolute best, strong immune health glowing skin. and bags of energy!………..whatever age…….

Tune in to my next blog……..

Look forward to seeing you soon!

with Love and Gratitude

Libbie x

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