What happens when i go for a treatment?
  • I will take a full medical history,and discuss your present and past health, and lifestyle to determine an individual treatment programme, suited to your individual needs.
  • I will then make observations of both feet, and then use my hands to apply medium to firm pressure systematically to both feet using specific techniques on several areas of the feet. The application and effect of the therapy is unique to each person.
  • As a professionally trained Reflexology practitioner i will be able to detect subtle changes on the specific points on the feet, and by working on these points may affect the corresponding organ or system of the body.
  • Please allow 1 to 2 hours for first sessions, as these will be longer due to consultation, the shorter sessions will vary for children and the elderly. A course of treatments may be recommended.

How will i feel after a reflexology treatment?

Every person responds differently but after one or two treatments your body may respond in a definate way. Most people note after the first treatment that they feel a sense of wellbeing, and relaxation, and quite the opposite a burst of energy, some report a feeling of lethargy nausea, or feeling tearful this is a transitory and is all part of the healing process, and shows your body is responding to your treatments and helps me to tailor a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

Wondering what makes me so different?  read what some of my clients have to say...... 

"It was recommended i have Reflexology for my symptoms caused by stress, you are always warm, friendly and professional. I always feel completely relaxed after a session, and the treatments have helped put my health back on track Thank you highly recommended". V. P. Broadstairs
" A Truly wonderful experience totally relaxing always come in tense and go home so relaxed thank you" N. Broadstairs
"You provide an excellent service and have made me realise the importance of reflexology and how it can have an effect on my health and wellbeing, it has been a totally positive experience and one i will definately continue with. You have such a soothing manner,and showed empathy and compassion,at all times, and are able to instantly put me at ease, and so much so i have never failed to fall completely asleep during my treatments. Thankyou so much ". L.P. Ramsgate
"Reflexology really helped me throughout my pregnancy, from relieving general aches and pains, to helping me become more relaxed, less stressed and focused. You have been brilliant and made me feel instantly relieved. the treatments definately helped me with my backache, and is a must for any mum to be, i would definately recommend Reflexology to all i was amazed at the results i achieved." C. K. Margate
"Thank you so much for all your help i always look forward to my reflexology sessions they make such a difference." H.C. Broadstairs
"Since starting my Reflexology sessions i have felt more relaxed and happier, i followed all the tips and and advice that You have suggested throughout each session, and i truly believe that the treatments have helped me to have a better, and easier labour, this is my fourth baby and i didn't need any pain relief this time!, my baby girl is so contented and happy, a very big thank you xxx J.W. Margate
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you  for your kindness,and professionalism through my pregnancy and experience with reflexology, and also for your wonderful support during my labour. It helped me cope with the pain and the contractions and enabled me to go through the whole labour without any pain relief when it was offered to me. I have a beautiful baby girl who i know is looking forward to experiencing baby reflexology with you many thanks Libbie x E.P.Margate
" Your passion for your job shines through i am amazed at your knowledge and your qualities are so comforting. People have noticed a more relaxed and positive me! the treatments have been awesome and along with a change of diet have made quite a significant difference to my health. I have also now realised the importance of relaxing, its been a journey and i thank you for your support throughout I dont ever want to stop my treatments EVER!! x C.S. Broadstairs

All i can say is WOW! after the first treatment i had no idea i could feel so relaxed and have such a sense of calm but after my 3rd and fourth treatment i noticed a difference in my approach to stressful situations were much calmer and others have noticed too  you will be pleased to know more headaches :), and i feel so much better than i did before the sessions, you are so professional and friendly and have a lovely outlook on life the health tips and lifestyle changes have been a godsend thank you i have recomended you to everyone i know a thousand thank you's K.W.
Just a little note to thank you for your care, kindness, and thoughtfulness. your treatments are a pleasure and a benefit afterwards, and your personal care is much appreciated thank you so much see you soon.
B. Broadstairs
The whole group of sessions were far more than the Reflexology treatments, it was a whole experience of techniques and relaxation ideas and lifestyle changes. The benefits for me, that have been achieved are amazing i am really happy and pleased with the results, and i always looked forward to every treatment. I will not hesitate to book more sessions, and would highly recommend you without hesitation to anyone, and would like to thank you for the wonderful introduction to Reflexology. T. S. Broadstairs

Thank you so much I have loved my sessions i have felt so much better since i started, and i look forward to seeing you again oh and i have lost 8 pounds since i last saw you and i feel amazing, with better decisions on food choices, and all the advice and help you are giving me is so encouraging as nothing else worked thank you from the bottom of my heart see you soon! A. F. London
During my pregnancy i felt more balanced, and more in control. Post pregnancy, i needed hormone balancing i feel calmer and my mood feels lifted and i feel confident and happier now the sessions are so relaxing i would definately recommend. I really enjoyed meeting you thank you Libbie for everything J.S. xxx Margate.

What a difference i feel i am so grateful for all the health advice you and lifestyle changes i have made since having my sessions i have more energy  and i am feeling so much calmer and stress free thank you so much i will continue with my sessions without a doubt. L.S Herne Bay Kent.

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